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Connect your wallet using WalletConnect to explore the Gyms and Health Clubs available on the 3FIT Health Platform. Use your Aurora ETH to buy and sell your Gym and Health Club Subscriptions using the blockchain based 3FIT Platform

Blockchain based Algorithm

3FIT is entired blockchain based and is compatible with any EVM-compatible wallet and chain. 3FIT is fliexible enpough to be deployed multiple EVM-compatible blockchains

Multiple Subscription Modes

We plan to create a smart and open subscription engine for managing various configurations of your subscriptions, all based on Web3 and EVM compatible blockchains

Purely Open Source

We believe in sharing and caring. All of the 3FIT has been open sourced under the MIT license. Connect with our Development team to know more about the 3FIT Roadmap

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Connect with our Development Team to know more about the Web3 enabled Subscription Engine and the roadmap for next set of features